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SpeechEasyPD : Payment Options

Many payment options are available to those purchasing a SpeechEasyPD. To help guide you through what options are available, we have created the following list which shows some of the primary sources of funding. We encourage you to contact our Funding Coordinator at (866) 551-9042 or email us to learn more. By answering a few simple questions, we can help determine the best options for you—and help you along the way.

Similar in cost to many other treatment options, SpeechEasyPD ranges from $2500 to $4500 depending on the model chosen by you and your SpeechEasyPD Provider.

Check or cashier's check

Personal checks and cashier's checks are accepted by Janus Development Group.

All major credit cards

All major credit cards are accepted at Janus Development Group.

SpeechEasyPD Pay Plan

Our pay plan allows you to use 12 or 24 months to pay for your SpeechEasy. It includes a low down payment, low monthly payments, no interest or finance charges. Apply here.

Flexible Spending Plans through your employer

Your employer may offer a Flexible Spending Plan to use for items not normally covered by your employee health insurance plan. If available, this plan will allow you to pay for a SpeechEasyPD using pre-tax dollars. This could represent a significant savings to you, depending on your tax bracket. Consult your tax advisor or human resource department for more details.

Veteran's Administration

If you are a veteran, the Veterans Administration (VA) may provide assistance. Many of those who have served for the United States have been able to receive support from their local VA office. VA has provided for hundreds of SpeechEasyPD devices in the past for veterans who stutter. Speak with our consumer insurance specialist to review the process, funding@speecheasy.com.