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SpeechEasy : V Series

The new SpeechEasy V Series represents a major advancement in SpeechEasy fluency devices. V Series technology is included in every new SpeechEasy model we manufacture and is now available through every SpeechEasy Provider.

SpeechEasy V Series was developed in collaboration with our clients and Providers. We listened to their questions, suggestions and feedback and in doing so learned what worked well with SpeechEasy and what could be improved. The SpeechEasy V Series is the result of this information sharing. We feel the SpeechEasy V Series is a more comfortable, flexible fluency device made for years of client use. Our hope is that after trying the SpeechEasy V Series – you’ll agree with us.

What makes SpeechEasy V Series different?

Even with all of these great improvements, it is important to note that the prices of SpeechEasy are not changing. These new features are being offered on all new SpeechEasy units at no additional charge.

If you would like to hear SpeechEasy V Series for yourself contact your SpeechEasy Provider or let us know and we will help contact a Provider for you.

Welcome to SpeechEasy V Series - the most advanced fluency device available.