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SpeechEasy : What You Get

When you choose SpeechEasy you are getting the best and most effective fluency device available today.
Plus, you are getting so much more.

A Company that stands behind its product

SpeechEasy is manufactured and distributed by Janus Development Group, Inc., which has been in business for over 12 years. Rest assured that your SpeechEasy is backed by a company that invests in a dedicated client support staff and product technicians that are there when you need them. Our Clinical Manager is available to you for consultation and support. You can call real people who truly care.

A professional Provider support network

Your SpeechEasy Provider is there to help you with your fluency and your SpeechEasy. Even if you move, there are over 100 Speecheasy Providers in locations throughout the US. All are trained to make sure you and your SpeechEasy have a professional who’s willing to make sure you are receiving the maximum benefit from the investment you have made.

No other fluency device or program has such a nationwide support network.

Helpful workbook program guide and follow-up

You are not alone when you get your SpeechEasy. Every SpeechEasy client receives a step by step workbook program to help maximize the benefit from SpeechEasy. It includes daily and weekly goals and objectives for you to follow and helpful hints and instructions. Various techniques that work best with Speecheasy are included in detail for you to use if you need them. You can expect follow up contact from us after you get your SpeechEasy from your Provider. You are not alone when you get a SpeechEasy.

Quality product accessories

We provide you with all the accessories you will need to protect and maintain your SpeechEasy. When your Provider gives you your SpeechEasy it will include all you see below.

Trial Period and Warranty

Each SpeechEasy device comes with both a 60-day trial period and a one-year limited manufacture’s warranty. From the day you pick up your SpeechEasy, you have 60 days to try it in your everyday life. If you aren’t happy, simply return it – no questions asked.

Your SpeechEasy also comes with a one-year limited manufacture’s warranty to help ensure against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is good for a period of one year for the original purchaser.